Monday, October 08, 2007

Librarians: Gatekeepers of knowledge who would'nt let others come in?

I wish to use this blog to develop ideas that will culminate into a newspaper article.

Librarians are gatekeepers of knowledge! However other people or librarians themselves doubt this it still remain a fact. Anyone can create knowledge but the art of organising that knowledge belong to a discipline and it is done by professionals - Librarians.

Talking about librarians. Not everyone working in a library is not a Librarian. Wikipedia define a Librarian as an information professional trained in library science and information science: the organization and management of information and service to people with information needs. From this definition it is clear that after information is created there is need for someone who has undergone special training to organise the information so that when stored it can be retrieved.

However, much as anyone can put information on the internet, there are the few elect that can organise and make infromation more accessible; the Librarians. Some are raising eye brows at this proclamation. Information retrieval is made easier by some tools that are the bedrock of this noble profession.

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