Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The second day was eventful for librarians attending SCCR20. The day started with a meeting with the African Group. We are all delighted and wish to sincerely thank the group for recognizing librarians as friends, it was a good start.

I sat in the eIFL sit waiting for a chance to make a statement on behalf of eIFL (by eIFL we mean all libraries in Africa, besides all statements made by eIFL represent the IFLA). The opportunity did not come. However, we hopeful that we will make a statement on the third day. Here, making a statement is called Making an Intervention.

The day also ended on a positive note. Groups presented their proposals on Exceptions and Limitations. There were four proposals on the table. The highlight for libraries was one presented by the African Group. The African proposal focused on exceptions and limitations for visually impaired, education, libraries and archives (SCCR/20/11). This was historic as it was the first time in the history of SCCR that a proposal for libraries was presented. Especially that the African Group welcomed comments, suggestions and advice. They have specifically welcomed contributions from librarians.

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