Thursday, October 04, 2007

IFLA 2007

This post was due 2 months ago.

IFLA was an exciting experience for me. Attending as a presenter was even more exciting. Issues articulated in the session where I presented are so dear to my heart. RROs and licensing of photocopying.

Sometimes, out of ignorance we are pushed to the wall. In the session IFRRO cleared marvelled the Librarians when they contradicted the practices we hate RROs for. Especially, their lack of diplomacy. At least RROs in many countries do not see librarians as stakeholders.

What we need to do is - OPEN OUR MOUTHS AND SPEAK not cry. Speak against the injustices against our right to access information and use the information to develop our countries.

We do not advocate for breaking of laws of our countries - NO

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